Membersship Benefits

The Lovington EDC is committed to promoting the economic diversity and growth of Lovington by developing new businesses, retaining new businesses and improving the quality of life through community involvement.

Membership Benefits:

  • Business listing on LEDC website
  • Job postings for company vacancies on website
  • Extensive business referrals to members
  • Ability to have a position on board of directors
  • Receive emails of community events and happenings
  • Office space for business meetings
  • Utilize office copy machine

Business Classification:

  • 0-20 Employees: $250
  • 21-49 Employees: $500
  • 50 & Above: $750
  • Civic Organizations: $50

Special Groups:

  • Schools: $500
  • Hospitals: $500
  • Utilities: $500
  • Banks: $500
  • Individual: $50

Memberships are deductible as a business expense for most taxpayers.

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Lovington Animal Shelter

March 11, 2016

Category: Community

The City of Lovington's animal control and code enforcement officers are happy to serve the citizens of Lovington.  The employees of this department protect our community by enforcing our animal and nuisance ordinances, while at the same time keeping the safety, health, and welfare of people and animals a priority.  They provide these actions through enhancing public awareness and enforcement action, with the ultimate goal being that of compliance by our citizens.  In early 2011, the City purchased the Lovington Veterinary Clinic located on the Lovington Highway.  This facility not only allows our officer to house lost or abandoned animals, but also serves our community as a place to adopt out these same animals when possible.  Individuals interested in adopting an animal should contact one of our animal control and code enforcement officers.  You may also see what animals are available for adoption by visiting their Facebookpage.  The City of Lovington also has identified a need for veterinary services in our community and entered into a contract with Dorothy Hornback, DVM to provide these vital services to our community.  

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