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Monday, February 08, 2016

By Site Selection Magazine

Why have more than 2,900 foreign companies already established operations in Nuevo León? If Mexico was their intended market, only in this northeastern Mexican state — particularly in the Monterrey region, could they find the education assets and talent they required for their higher-end manufacturing. Even now, potential investors are surprised by the vast talent pool that awaits — not just large numbers of production workers, but of technicians, engineers and post-graduates local to the area.

The Monterrey area is close to the US geographically, offers an economically active population of 2.3 million and has a quality of life that appeals to investing companies. But it’s the region’s labor supply — though costlier than elsewhere in Mexico — that tends to seal most deals, according to those working with existing and potential investors. Felix Tejada is director general at The Alles Group Monterrey, a leading real estate service provider in the area who knows well the region’s location attributes.

“On a per capita basis, the Monterrey region has the highest level of education in Mexico,” he relates. “It is established. It’s not just that we can produce graduates. It’s a generational trend of higher education from entry-level skill sets to graduate and post-graduate. You can’t readily find well-trained welders with sophisticated levels of training and safety in just any city in Mexico. You have to look in a mature market with an established industry — in this case the steel industry. But that’s not something that happens overnight. It takes decades, and Monterrey has that.”

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