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Monday, February 22, 2016

By Site Selection Magazine

It took riding out the Great Recession for ADP leaders to learn just how much they could grow in El Paso, Texas. Although it is one of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing and human resources management services, ADP’s growth — like most everyone else’s — stalled for a couple of years due to the global economic downturn. “Eventually we began to grow again,” says Terry McGreehan, vice president and general manager of the company’s El Paso operations. “By that time, we learned more about the labor market and felt confident we could grow beyond our initial expectations — a 1,500-to-1,600-person solution center. Instead, we found that we could grow to 2,200 comfortably.”

And grow they have. The 150,000-sq.-ft. (13,935-sq.-m.) facility in El Paso had 1,100 employees in 2014 when the company announced plans to double the facility footprint and the number of jobs. “Across the board here we’re up to almost 1,450 people now,” McGreehan says. “We’re going to grow to 2,200 people — it will take a couple years to do that. We’ve built a building that’s the mirror image of the original one, and now we have 300,000 square feet [27,871 sq. m.].”

Though ADP promised the city and state that construction would get underway in December 2015, the company got an 11-month jump on the project, beginning construction in January 2015. The building was move-in-ready by October. The additional space allowed for ADP employees working in downtown El Paso (pictured above) to move to the new building, bringing the entire ADP El Paso workforce to the West Side campus, just six miles from the Texas-New Mexico border.

In addition to a low cost of doing business and being in the Mountain Time Zone, the strength of the El Paso workforce was a tremendous pull for ADP prior to the initial investment in 2006. It hasn’t disappointed. The company has a 91-percent employee retention rate over the past five years, and a surprising number of associates — close to half — have bachelor’s and master’s degrees, well over the state average. ADP relies heavily on the community’s higher education resources and their graduates. “We have hired a lot of folks from the University of Texas at El Paso [UTEP],” McGreehan says. “We also have New Mexico State University in Las Cruces only 30 minutes from us. It’s great to be amongst a large educational population.”

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