Are You Building a Place that Attracts Top Talent?

Monday, August 08, 2016

By Site Selection Magazine

Would you want to work for you? Would you choose to live in your community if you didn’t get a paycheck to promote it?

Corporate executives and economic developers should ask themselves these questions, according to a panel of workplace experts who convened at the World Forum for FDI in San Diego.

The practice of corporate site selection and its economic development counterpart of community development are increasingly about the business of creating attractive environments. Build the right place to work, or the right community, and you will most certainly lure the most coveted workers.

That was the conclusion of several top business executives who spoke on “The Human Hub” panel at the 300-person forum organized by Conway Events, a division of Atlanta-based Conway Inc.

“We want to create an environment where our employees will want to be,” said Craig Hagen, senior director of global governmental affairs for Electronic Arts. “We hired Richard Florida a few years ago to consult on this. The people we hire tend to be technological artists. They are very creative, and we are in a very competitive marketplace for talent. We have to look at how they want to work. We have to look at flexible work schedules. We also have to look at factors outside the workplace today.”

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