Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills

17 Jul 2017

Do you know what the best part is about moving to a place that has its own power supply? Low-priced energy bills.

The Lea County Electrical Cooperation (LCEC) Generation Plant was incorporated in 1949 when the LCEC decided to produce its own electricity instead of relying on large regional suppliers. The plant is now infused with latest technology and the engines are sized in a way to accommodate an increase in future outputs, with only minor modifications. Additionally, this plant does not only rely on fuel, but has tapped into renewable energy by utilizing wind energy.

This plant provides energy to supply to all of its members including the city of Lovington.


 You can find out more at, http://ow.ly/oWoB307nbso and about the plant at http://ow.ly/pyQ3307nHDu.