Meet Your EDC

The Lovington Economic Development Corporation has organized exclusively to foster and promote economic development in the City of Lovington and the surrounding area. The Lovington EDC also works to promote where appropriate for charitable, scientific or educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (A), 501 (C) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Lovington, NM City Hall exteriorThe object, business and purpose of this Corporation is nonpolitical, and shall be devoted to protecting and promoting the well-being and economic development of Lovington and the surrounding areas for agricultural, commercial, industrial, governmental and other appropriate purposes and to render related services to the community. The purpose of this Corporation shall not be the protection, promotion, or stimulation of any specific business or group of businesses organized for profit.

There shall be not less than three (3) nor more than twelve (12) voting Directors who shall hold office for three (3) consecutive years. The Board of Directors replacing the original three (3) Directors shall be twelve (12) in number and shall consist of one permanent Director representing the City of Lovington, the Mayor of Lovington. The remaining nine (11) directors shall be elected by the Board from the following groups of members: Business; Government; Educational; Institution; Judiciary; Utilities; Health & Social Services; Individual; and Civic organizations & Churches. There shall be two (2) non-elected board members:

  • Mayor (Voting)
  • City Manager (Non-Voting: Ex-Officio)

The New Mexico Economic Development Department (NMEDD) offers an array of incentives that help local businesses like yours to expand. They have a Business Development Team that is ready to make the phone calls, do the math, and analyze the stats to figure out what tax credits and incentive programs benefit you. The Lovington Economic Development Corporation will be the liaison between your business and NMEDD and will facilitate the processes involved to bring your project online. The City of Lovington also offers local incentives that can benefit your business.